Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If you haven't ever tried this game, you should! Oh my! It is so fun! Logan brought his Play Station and it proved to be quite entertaining for everyone. You actually have to play the songs. You can get booed off the stage if you don't hit the right cords, or strum at just the right time. The guitar doesn't make any sound if you don't get it right. You can also battle each other. So much fun! Even Ryan stayed up until 1am playing on of the nights! Here are a few pics of the fun!

Brady, almost 2 years old, it must be a Lindstrom thing to know just how to handle a guitar!

Logan and Jasmine! These are our newlyweds! It is fun to see how well these two fit together and we love Jaz so it works great for us too! Those are really funny faces, by the way!

These two pics are Jared and Logan. They get kind of in to it. It is funny!
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