Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some Old Pictures

These are pictures I took a few months ago, that I just found....enjoy!

Don't blame her, she is a plumbers Granddaughter! :)

Yeah....I don't know where she learned how to talk on the phone like this, but she can walk and talk for hours on anything that looks like it might be a phone! :)

I love this cute little mug!

Heading to Logan for Logan & Jasmine's wedding. The kids all looked so cute! I love Mallory's little face in this one with her rosey cheeks! Also, that blanket Jake has, just as a side note, is the blanket that Grandma Atkinson and my Great Grandma Fenton made for me when I was born. Jake really loves it. I can't believe that thing has held up for 30 years! Crazy!
So, do you think these two look alike, or what?!
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