Sunday, September 23, 2007


So the other day I got got really tired of Mallory's hair, so I decided we needed a little haircut. So I took her up in the bathroom, sat her on the counter (we ended up in the sink with the water on), and started cutting. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Not bad for no training and a wiggly 2 year old girl! I think she looks all grown up and pretty! Here are a few shots of it!

Notice the "stacking"? OH YEAH! I gave her a bit of an undercut so it will curl under on it's own. NICE!

Yeah, I guess we missed a few stray bangs! OOPS! Had to fix those. This is the "whatever you do, I am not going to look at you while you have that camera, mom" look. What a little goof ball! Isn't she funny?!
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Kellsy kaye said...

Way cute!! I'm very impressed. I could never cut anyones hair cuz i cant do anything in a straight line! hope all is well
Kellsy Kaye

Brian and Kara said...

Way cute. Im not patient enough to try that. You did a great job!!

Courtney said...

But mid-forehead bangs? Amy!

Kate said...

She is so adorable :)

KAYLA said...

Seriously a beautiful girl. She is just so beautiful. It must be so fun to wake up and look at this little creation of yours. She looks a lot like you aim.


Kayla, I can't wait until you become a mom. It is the most amazing and wonderful thing! You won't believe how much you can love someone! I get so excited to get them up in the morning! I am having so much dang fun! I am glad Ryan is willing to work as hard as he does so I can be home with the kids! I LOVE it!