Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well, we haven't been so great about updating the blog lately. We are sorry! It is actually a really fun thing for us to do, but we are even more excited about it now with the new look and features! What do you think?

If your volume is on you will get to hear a random selection of some of our favorite songs! It is such a good mix that I usually open another browser and leave this one on too, so I can listen for a while!

Make sure you check out all the cool new links on the side! ESPECIALLY VIDEOS! (Thanks for the idea Kate!) It is fun to post videos so you can see our kiddo's in action! All of our sites have a new look, so make sure you check them all! Each site will also have links to visit all of our sites, or you can come back here and check out some of our other favorite links and blogs! So much fun!

We are all doing good. Ryan is surviving his surgery, and he would probably add the word Barely in here. He is really having a hard day today. He has lost 13 lbs because all he can eat is jello and water. His nose is healing, but his tonsils are killing him. Today when I asked how he was doing he looked at me with a very grim look on his face and said, "Right now, I am just really trying to focus on staying alive". I would say dramatic, but you should see him! He really doesn't look like he feels anywhere near good. We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Dawson is doing soooo good! His surgery went so well! What a blessing, and a miracle! He is the happiest kid ever (make sure you check the "video's" link). We are happy to be home without a surgery in site! YAY!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new site! If any of you have blogs and are not on our list, let us know, or get a blog and we will put you on. So easy and SO fun! My friend Courtney also just sent me a link to a site where they can turn your blog into a Hard cover book so you can keep it as a journal, or whatever! AMAZING! We just might have to do that! :)

Please leave comments! We love to hear from all of you! It is what keeps us doing this! Love you all!

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