Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The G-Tube

Now, this is one happy boy! Life without a tube attached to your face and going up your nose and down your throat is SWEET!
Dawson's little shirt is the netting we put on as an undershirt to keep his tube from falling out of his shirts and getting caught on things. His surgery went great and he is handling all the food great. So far he only gets formula, at least until the 2 week follow up, when all of the allergy testing comes back. After that point, everything I make for dinner can be tossed in the blender and pushed through his tube! This kid is going to chunk out! YAY!!

This is the tube! It is kind of long and crazy, but in about 10 weeks they will replace it with a little "button". It looks just like a snap and we can just open it, pop the tube in and feed him and it won't be nearly as inconvenient. That tube goes straight into his stomach. That is kind of crazy!

The great thing is that we got a little food pump for him. This makes it so I can program feedings so that in the night, when he is not using up any energy, he gets 2 extra feeding! I think this will really help him grow! He is really doing so well! We are so glad we did this! We still offer him food, when he wants it, and whatever he doesn't want goes through the tube. Eventually, when he is stronger, he will not need the tube and they will just pull it out and sew him up. For now, it is a huge blessing!
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Courtney said...

That is one TOUGH shirt!

Kate said...

Ya, I am diggin the mesh wife beater.
Seriously though, poor guy, he is one tough kid.