Monday, April 3, 2006

Who ever said girls are not born with a need to nurture?!


Today I laid Dawson on the couch and put Mallory right by him. He was quite fussy and I was hoping it would help to have a body next to him. Little did I know!! Mallory, showing that she thinks she can be his mother, took her fist (which she loves to suck and chew on) out of her mouth and with one hand grabbed him by the shoulder to pull him closer and put her fist in his mouth. She was sure this would help, it always helps her!! It did. Dawson was quite content for awhile sucking on her fist and she let him! What a sweet girl!

I love the look on Mallory's face. She is consentrating so hard on what she is doing. The profile actually reminds me a little bit of Lisa and Kaitlyn. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen, what a sweetie your little Mallory is! I can't believe they are so cute. I love to hear about them... post more often!


courtney said...

Way too funny!

rachel said...

i am so glad that mallory is flipping us off! ya right. that is so cute! well hopfully they will keep this up!

Kellsy said...

i never knew just how much i missed you and your family... i think i need to come visit you guys more often... *sigh* i sure do love and appreciate you guys!

Amy Kaye said...

We miss you too Kels! It was sooooo good to see you. You looked so pretty! We think about you all the time and hope things are going good! Come see us anytime!

Love Ya, Amy

By the way would you just fill out the application before it is to late!!!!! You won't regret it!!