Wednesday, April 26, 2006



Jake's tooth was really wiggly. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out. He acted really nervous. I told him that when his teeth come out he gets to put them under his pillow and the tooth fairy comes and takes the tooth and leaves money.

Within seconds he was standing in front of me with a piece of floss. I tied a knot and he didn't even flinch when I did the count down and pulled it out.

He is currently trying to save $300 so he can buy a Polaris 4 wheeler (battery operated thing to drive around on). It may seem like an impossible feat at $2 a week for his jobs and saving 10% of whatever he makes for his mission and paying 15% for tithing and fast offerings, but he is determined. He is finding ways to earn money and so far he has saved somewhere around $35. Posted by Picasa


Kels said...

LuckY!! the tooth fairy is the best!!
woah all of a sudden i feel really old. i remember the very first night i met jake at the nursery thing and we were both wearing orange shirts and he called me his girlfriend..

wow... He's getting so big... kinda makes me sad!! thats okay though... growing up is alot of fun too!!

Love ya

ray said...

wait a sec. i thought you were like older than jake!? i am sso confused

kels said...

i am older then jake.. lots older then jake..but he still called me his gurl friend. and i was babysitting in the nursery...
does that clear things up for ya

amy said...

If you ask him, he still says that Kells is his girlfriend. She made quite an impression on him, and he even bares a scar on his stomache from an unfortunate wrestling incident with her. It is his Kells scar.

Kels said...

lets not remind me of that scar. i still am tramatized by his crying that nite!
I think that one of these days after finals i'm going to kindap jake for a couple hours... we havent had quality jakey and kellsy time in a long time and i kinda miss the bugger!

amy said...

HE WOULD LOVE THAT!! I am serious. I think he had quite a hard time sharing you with the babies the other day.

You really should come by sometime!

Kellsy is a Star said...

kay its a date.. you just tell me a when and what time.. and i'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!