Monday, April 3, 2006



Well, Ryan left on Tuesday and left me with the 3 kids. Dawson trying to adjust and Mallory sick with an ear infection and sore throat. There was no sleep to be had. It was crazy!! I maybe, on a good night, slept 3 hours but only 30 min at a time. It was rough. Mallory was really tired then I would put her in bed and swaddle her really tight in her blankets. Soon I would hear her squealing (she loved the sound of her hoarse voice) and I would find her like this. Totally out of her covers and clear up in the top of her bed and sideways. Although I was so exhausted I couldn't see straight, it was hard not to laugh at her, pick her up and kiss those chubby cheeks. Posted by Picasa

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ray said...

she looks like she is enjoying herself!