Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Soccer Game!


Well, after much anticipation Jake had his first ever soccer game! He was so excited! It was so much fun for us to watch him running as hard as he could to after the ball. Besides being freezing cold outside, we all had a lot of fun!

Another chapter in our life begins! Baseball sign ups are just around the corner! We have looked forward to this for 6 years! Posted by Picasa


Claudia said...

Look at the concentration written across Jake's face! He's awesome! I love watching younguns playing soccer. I wish I could be there to watch him! I bet he is amazing!

Kellsy said...

Jake was so cute today when i talked to him about soccer... then him wandering around the rest of the time in his shin guards and cleats!!!
you will have to definatly get me a schedule of his baseball games!!

ray said...

kaylas says that she din't even think of idaho people playing soccer! ha ha ha

courtney said...

Poor Jake! His parents are such foreigners to organized sports that his shin-gaurds are on the outside... if he starts playing baseball, I hate to see where the cup will end up!

ray said...

who would hve THUNK