Thursday, April 27, 2006

Base Jumping off of the Perrine Bridge (not participating just watching)


This is a pic of the Perrine Bridge. You have to drive over it to get to our house. It is 486 ft. above the Snake River below. It also spans the gorge that Evil Canevil tried (yes only tried) to jump in a rocket something or other a long time ago. (He ended up falling into the gorge and broke almost every bone in his body.)

This is one of the only legal places to base jump left in the U.S. so whenever there is a nice clear day there is usually jumpers (most of them wearing parachutes).

On the way to take a couple of the boys home we noticed that there were some people getting ready to jump. We decided to stop and watch. The boys loved it, I just hope Jake doesn't get any ideas! He shows definate signs of his dad's bravery and willingness to be a little on the too adventurous side!

By the way, the city you see in the background is Twin. Do you notice our complete lack of mountains? Sad! Posted by Picasa


courtney said...

"The launch at the Snake River Canyon was at 3:36pm. The steam that powered the engine had to get up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. About two-thirds the way up the ramp, the drone parachute deployed. The chute caused enough drag that the skycycle couldn't make it all the way across the canyon. The skycycle turned on its side and started to descend into the canyon. The main chute deployed, allowing the wind to carry the skycycle into the canyon wall. By the time it hit the bottom of the canyon, the wind had pushed it across the river enough so that it landed half in and half out of the water. Knievel survived the jump with only minor injuries."

WOW AMY! I want you to write the next history book I read... it's much more interesting with him IN a rocket and total bone breakage!!!

In my research on Knieval this morning, I found out some HILARIOUS facts about him... like how he beat his publicist with a baseball bat to "stop him from writing lies" about him. He said, "I should have killed him for what he wrote about my mother." He also said that he was scared before every jump, so much so, that he needed a drink of Wild Turkey to calm him. Seriously, I've been laughing my bum off all morning!

amy said...

I can only site the info I have been given. According to Ryan (which is my source) Knievel probably was so scared about the jump that he hit the button deploying the parachute early causing the problems that resulted in him plummeting to the bottom of the canyon.

I agree, my story is A LOT BETTER!

Courtney said...

Well, maybe you and Ryan can collaborate and create a new genre!