Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jake's first Science Fair


Now that the Math-a-thon is done at school (thanks everyone that helped Jake out, he got a really cool trophy with his name on it), it is time for the Science Fair.

Ryan and Jake were trying to figure out what to do when Jake decided on his own that he wanted to make different paper airplanes and fly them to see which kind goes the farthest. He wanted to test it with a paperclip on it, to add wait. Then test one with "a balloon taped on it that you don't tie, you just blow up and let it go to see if it goes far".

They made lots of airplanes and flew them all recording their distance. They made Jakes posterboard to display at school, and had plenty of fun doing it.

On Tuesday night they went to the School at 5:30pm for dinner then were off to see all of the projects. Posted by Picasa

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Kellsidy said...

thats a pretty sweet project... i love it!!
Leave it to genius Jake to come up with somthing as unique as that! thats my guy!!