Sunday, March 26, 2006

Finally Home All Together Again!!


You can see that Dawson was quite excited to finally be home! Over the last couple of days I have enjoyed little smiles and sounds from Dawson. I have so looked forward to bringing him home to show Ryan how great he was doing. Dawsons personality seemed to always be hidden under all of his pain and head issues. In just the last few days, as we have found the right setting on his shunt, he has really started showing us his sweet little personality.

I couldn't wait for Ryan to see one of his little smiles, but I didn't expect this. When Ryan picked him up it only took seconds for Dawson to show his daddy that he was feeling better. Ryan even got a little bit of a laugh out of him! He didn't stop smiling the whole time Ryan was holding him!

We just feel so blessed! We have 2 perfect little babies! And they are both home!! When Dawson was smiling at us, we just felt so at peace, there is a purpose for all of this, but for now, we get to rest and just enjoy our little ones!

I don't know if I mentioned this before or not, but Dawson also started taking all of his food from a bottle. NO MORE NG TUBE!! We couldn't be more excited about that!!

I am sure that over the next couple of days we will take plenty of pics and we will be sure to post them for you to see also.

Thanks for all of your prayers! They are heard. I KNOW that!!

Love, Amy Posted by Picasa


Kellsy said...

He is such a trooper. a very cute one at that. I'm glad that they finally have things figured out with his shunt... NO MORE PAIN FOR DAWSON!! YAY!!

amy said...

KELLSEY!! What is going on with you! I haven't heard from you in forever. We are blessing the babies on April 9th. I hope you come. Give me a call sometime!


Kellsy said...

Ohh ya know i've been around seeing those one people doing those random things.. actually i've just been super busy with school and stuff... i wanna stop by somtime and see the family. its been way too long!!
Duh i'll be there... wouldnt miss it for the world!
Love always

Kels said...

O yeah... last sunday i had to sing in church and i sang this really cool arrangment of families can be together forever, and while i was learning it all i could think about was you guys and the babies and yeah... but anywaiz...

ray said...

how cute! i cant beleive how good he is doing

Anonymous said...

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