Thursday, February 2, 2006

You ask....we deliver!


Want more pictures, here you go!

This is Ryan's attempt at keeping Mal's binki in her mouth. He put this next to her, then a few minutes later we went in to find her cuddling up with it! She loves it. She has actually been staring at it everytime we put her down to bed for the last little while. I think she was happy to finally have it within reach. The next day when I laid her down she saw it a laughed at it! What a cute girl!

Well, for the update. We went to the Doctor yesterday. This was by the way my first outting with just me and the babies, all I can say is I am going to have some serious arm muscles! Anyway, Mal and Dawson have both been really fussy. Dawson has been puking and has had the runs. Mal has just been really fussy and has a hard time keeping up on her feedings. Dawson now weighs 12lbs 4oz. He has lost a little weight, but he did just have surgery so we are not all that concerned about it. Mallory now weighs about 12lbs and is inching up on the 5th percentile for her age (6 months) we are so proud!

While at the doctors office we had Dawson poop and puke all over his clothes, 2 x rays, 1 shot (that was extremely dramatic, can you guess who got it....NO IT WAS NOT ME!), and 2 screaming babies! The appointment was supposed to take 30 min and was 2 1/2 hours! We just had so much going on! I got to learn the art of holding, bouncing and calming both babies at once, which was quite a sight!

So the skinny is.......Mallory has an ear infection and thrush, AHHHHH that makes a lot of sense! Dawson, we thought got a virus in his gut again, however, they called today and it is not a virus. He just has a little stomache bug, but is showing huge signs of improvement.

They both are really doing great and needless to say we are doing great and loving every minute of it. Our ward is taking such good care of us. They have been providing meals for us for the last few weeks and they will continue until the 12th of Feb. What a blessing! Dinner time is Crazy time at our house and it really is helping us out a lot! We have such a great ward!

We will be headed back for Doctors appts. on Monday. We will probably get down there on Saturday. We have 6 appts on Monday then we will head right back. Then we get a break from the drive until March 13th. That will be nice!

Enjoy the pics below, we love you all (and love to hear your comments by the way!!)

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