Friday, February 24, 2006

A much anticipated visit


Mom, Rachel and Kayla came up to visit this last weekend. We had a lot of fun. Both of the babies are now completely spoiled and expect to be held constantly!

Rachel is so good with Jake and the babies. They loved her so much. We will have to come and steal her and bring her up for sometime during the summer. The kids would love that!! Posted by Picasa


MOM said...

We had the best time and can't wait to go back. The weekend was filled with lots of baby hugs and kisses, GOOD food, great for comfort (thanks for giving us your bed), fun shopping and even a really cute date for Kayla. What could be better?

Amy said...

You can come back ANYTIME!! We had a lot of fun too!

Kaylup said...

May I ask what the point of this picture is? You can't see any of our faces. Ya big crazy. It really was way fun.

Thanks to you, now I know a great person.
-Hey noni noni