Friday, February 24, 2006

Goodbye Prices


After getting Dawson home, ready to adjust to normal life, I was hit with some horrible news. Kevin had found work in Lynden, WA and The Prices were going to move. I was sooo sad. I hated to see Courtney go. Jake was really sad to say goodbye to Sydney, too. We will so miss Brinsley and Tawni, too. And as much as I hate to admit it, even Kevin will be missed.

While I will not be able to just jump in the Suburban and run to Courtney's house we do plan on going to visit often. Luckily, it is only $50 to fly to Seattle and the babies fly free. Poor Kevin, he just can't get rid of me!

Jake and Syd are the best friends and have so much fun together. Jake misses Syd like crazy! They hugged a lot before it was time for them to leave.

On their last night here the Price's, us and our friends the Sharps all went to dinner. It was a little bit more than kind of emotional for me, and after year of being a hug-a-phob :) Courtney finally gave in and hugged us all goodbye. Posted by Picasa


courtney said...


And I'm not a hug-o-phob... I just don't naturally hug all the time:)

Amy said...

WHATEVER!! Elizabeth hugs me all of the time....maybe she loves me more :)