Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Back to the twins!


Both babies are doing great. We went to Utah this last weekend. Dawson now passes on both ears for his hearing (yeah) Mallory failed in the ear that she has an ear infection in. She had passed it before so we are not worried. Both babies are doing great Neurologically and our next appt. in March 13th.

We are loving every second of this! Ryan and I agree that life would be pretty boring with just one baby and we are having a total blast with the two! We just try to enjoy every moment. It gets crazy at times, but when it does, it is almost ridiculus and we just laugh at the whole situation and get it managed. Ryan and I are a good team, not to mention all the help from Jake.

Well, I have to save Ryan from Dawson now, he is a little cranky, Dawson, I mean :)

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Ashley Lind said...

Hello Dawson and Lindstrom Fam,

I'm still occasionally peeking in on your website for the latest news and way cute pictures. The twins look SO great! I went ahead and looked back through your archives to see what they looked like when they were born. Wow! I can barely recognize it's Dawson, without those cheeks and chin he's just not the same little man. Well, I hope everything continues to go well.

Best Wishes,
Ashley Lind

Claudia said...

I love these babies! I know someday, somehow, we willl meet!
I love this BLOG. One thing I wish... more pictures of Jake!

amy said...

Yeah, Now that the babies are home we will be extending our site. This will include pics of our family and tons more pics of Jake!

As soon as I get two seconds to sit down and do the link, I will. This will happen hopefully by this weekend.

Now that my Courtney has left me and is on her way to see you I will be making Port Orchard, WA trips a part of my monthly budget. You may see these babies sooner than you think, Claudia!

Claudia said...


ray said...

amy! where are the pics of ryan and kayla? i want to see them!

Lori said...

well, I finally figured out how to comment on this thing....ok, so I am much better with babies than I am with computers.
I frequently look to see what updates there are. It is good to see that both babies are looking great. Can i say that i miss Dawson? because I do. I hope all is going well.

Amy said...

Hey Lori!

I am glad you figured it out :) It is good to hear from you. You would not believe how well Dawson is doing. He is so fun and starting to smile. I will have to see if you are working when we come back down. We will be there on March 10th for Dawson's surgery and the 13th for their neuro surgery follow up.
Let me know if you are working!
Thanks again for all of the love you gave Dawson in the hospital! You made it a lot easier for him and us!

Love, Amy