Sunday, August 14, 2005

You can now comment without registering...

I'm figuring this thing out a little at a time. You can now leave a comment without registering on the website. Just click the '0 comments', or '8 comments', or however many 'comments' at the bottom of each post, and you can leave a comment, ask a question, anything you want--just no making fun of me(just kidding, that's allowed too). You can even leave an anonymous comment, which is a little scary. Just know that your comment will be visible to anyone who clicks on the comment link. You don't have to leave your comments for us either, if you know someone else will be checking the comments, you can leave a comment for them. Whatever works for you! We plan on spending the bulk of the day today at the hospital, so we'll be back with an update later tonight. Thanks all!



Kayla said...

Just proving to everyone that "You can now comment without registering"...well you guys are crazy. I bet you will get a lot of dumb comments from me and the tyster. I hope that you guys are enjoying your time at clint and abby's. I hear that their cat is going crazy. Perhaps you should feed it or something?...i don't know. I am so glad to hear that the babies are doing so well. I love the pictures! Well i better get going. Church. I love you guys SOO MUCH. -kayla

Vibecke said...

hello ryan, amy, jake, dawson and mallory!

what cute names!! congratulations first of all. i was going to come see you and help with the boredom of bedrest, and bring the babies presents from norway but somebody was sure in a hurry to come join your family and who can blame them you are great people. the pictures are sure cute and tug at my heart strings. it is good to know things are going well under the circumstances, you have been in my thoughts and prayers and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. courtney was kind enough to give me this address and i will be checking to see how you are all doing. the kids and i might be going to salt lake later this week and if we do i will try to get in touch with you.
take care for now,
love vibecke

Abby said...

Hi Amy and Ryan;

I am so happy that things are going well. We are excited to get back home, and in on the loop again, but the website has been good to keep us informed. Clint and I can barely move, we are so sore from water skiing yesterday, but we have had a great time, and are ready to get back.

We love you tons!
Abby and Famalamily

Courtney said...

What eh heck are HTML tags? Hmmm, that's a puzzle to me!

Glad to hear that the little punkins are doing better... we're still all thinking and praying for you!

I was just really tempted to sign as "anonymous"... wouldn't that be tricky?

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, You look great for just having twins. We are so greatful to be able to see the babies. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. So many people in the Ward are concerned about your welfare. We will miss seeing your smiling face in Relief Society for the next 2 months, but we know you are in good hands. May the Lord bless you all. Valorie Williams

Anonymous said...

Hi Ry, Amy, Jake, Dawson and Mallory
What a great site to let us all know how you are all doing. The twins look great. I'm glad that they are doing well. We will remember them in our prayers. If you need anything give us a call.
We love you all and think of you guys often.
Love Chad, Julie and Boys

malorie said...

hey Ryan,
this is Malorie..elizabeth sharps sister..remember me? well you better! juust kidding ..i left a blog thingy somewhere else on this page for amy and just hoping that she gets it...hope all is well ttyl