Friday, August 12, 2005

Well, Ryan has done a great job at this whole thing. It has been great to be able to show our sweet little babies off and tell you all about their progress. It's probably good that Ryan is in charge because if it was me we all know it would get a little bit wordy and have WAY too many exclamation marks (huh Courtney)!!
We just got back from seeing the babies. Dawson is doing awesome! (Ryan now calls him Awesome Dawson) By the way, for all of you that knew that Ryan didn't so much care for the name Dawson and wonder how he ended up being named that: Ryan was going to name our little boy and hadn't decided what to do until he watched all that I went through with being in labor for a week. He knew I liked the name and he didn't want to "take it away from me" I assured him that I was fine with whatever choice he made--well then he left it up to Jake. We both knew what Jake would choose. Jake is now pretty excited that he got to be the one to name his little brother and what do you know the name grew on Ryan and he likes it now!! Anyway back to the update. Tuesday was one of the hardest days of our lives. It was so hard to watch our sweet little boy suffer and so hard to worry about losing him. Today, our prayers on his behalf have been answered! When a baby is in the womb the valve between the heart and the lungs stays closed because the lungs are not used, all of the work is done in the placenta. When Dawson was first born it stayed shut, this has been a big problem. Well now it is open and won't shut. This can be treated with medication or surgery. They will start him on the meds for this and we will pray like crazy that it works so that his little body doesn't have to experience the surgery. This is really the only problem that he has remaining, besides some bleeding in his brain that is quite common and really means nothing right now. The list on Dawson was quite long before. He has been weaned off most of his antibiotics and will be off the rest of them tomorrow. He is being weaned off the ventilator and they expect him to be off it in the next few days. His blood is clotting normally and everything else is looking really good. He is a little fighter and is working so hard! We have witnessed many miracles on both babies behalf! Mallory is having a "rest" day. After fighting so hard for so many days she is just taking it easy. She is not getting much better, but she is not getting worse. She is just resting and I am sure will be back at the fight tomorrow. She is so precious! I did get to change her diaper and she is peeing a lot which is good because she is losing a lot of her swelling, which means she is getting better. I also got to lift her up while the nurse changed her bedding. The nurses are so awesome and realize that as a mother you want to hold, love and kiss them, especially when they are sick, they do everything that they can to let me help them, and I love it!
We are so thankful for all of your comments and your support and love and especially your prayers. We want you to know that they are being answered! Our Heavenly Father is so mindful of us right now and we know that! We have witnessed and felt many amazing things during this experience and we know that we are in the Lord's hands as we go through this trial. We are so thankful for all of the things that we are learning through this experience, our faith has grown so much and we know that the Lord hears and answers prayers according to His will, we also know that He loves us and our sweet babies so much. After waiting for 4 long years to add to our family, He blessed us with two! We also have looked back over the last few weeks and have noticed that certain things happen for reasons and that these babies are still with us because our Father in Heaven loves us. We are so glad that they are ours!! We are also so glad that we have all of you as family and friends. Your support is felt and appreciated so much. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Love--Amy

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