Saturday, August 27, 2005

Still hangin' in there...

This was put together by one of the nurses for us(thanks Penny!) 2-3 days after the babies were born. We just got a copy of the picture on CD, so I figured we'd post it for all to see. They both look slightly different now, but oh well.

Hello all! We just got back from the hospital, and the babies were both doing well. Of course Mallory is still fighting any form of assisted breathing. They've got a hood on her now because she kept wiggling out of the CPAP. Dawson still continues to improve, and is looking better all the time. Jake got his 15 minute visit today, which wasn't extrememly eventful. The nurses were messing around with Mallory most of the time, so he didn't see much of her, and Dawson was out cold most of the time. We did see his left eye crack open just a hair, but he was pretty sleepy. Jake was happy just the same.

We were able to make it to two family events today, which was nice. It was good to see people we haven't seen for some time. Mallory and Dawson each recieved a little stuffed animal today(thanks Leslie and Peggy) which we attempted to get in a photo with the babies, but we were fairly unsuccessful. The idea is that we take regular(as in 'every so often') photos of the babies, each with thier little stuffed animal next to them, using the stuffed animal as a point of reference to see thier growth. We'll give it another shot tomorrow.

Well, as you may have noticed, I'm half dozing off as I type(you likely are too). I've had a real bad case of 'can't-seem-to-get-any-stinkin'-sleep-itus' lately. I got a few pictures tonight, which are basically more of the same, but I'll put them up in the morning.

Jake and I were going to head back to Idaho today, but Amy talked us into one more day, so we'll be heading back tomorrow sometime. Jake can't wait to get back to school. Amy will be back on for updates during the week, as she is much more religious than I am at tracking the details, and will perhaps have a little more free time.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.


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