Friday, August 19, 2005

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...

Here we are--Room 1! Hmmm...let's see...Lindstrom...Lindstrom...Lindstrom...

Ahhh yes--a proud day! There we are on the Room 2 list.

He'll be upset that we caught him on a bad hair day, but a little lint in your ear goes a looooong way.

His tummy looks big, but that's just the nasal cannula inflating his gut. Kind of wierd. It's a good thing he's eating milk now...enough said.

Another striking episode in the unveiling of Dawson Joseph Lindstrom! As time goes on we are actually starting to get an idea of what he looks like underneath all that stuff(not the extra skin, I mean the wires and tubes and tape and stuff).

"Quit messin' with my head! Hey! Cut it out...let me go!"

Under all those Steri-strips is the incision from the heart surgery. The little red mark on him above the incision and to the left is where they inserted a tube to drain any bleeding after the surgery. Oh, and that's Dawsons' backside by the way. Today was the first time we've seen it--ever! Which is fine, becuase I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of it in the future.

"I know! Let's put these stylish glasses on Mallory so she can sleep, and then we'll turn on these two high-intensity spotlights--and shine them right in her face! That's a GREAT idea!"

Mallory...comfortable at last!


Kayla said...

first of all...i saw Ann Law at the stake pool party and amy, she always looks at this website and she gives you her love and all of that. Your babies are beautiful. Amazing and Beautiful. I hope that everyone looking at this website understands what examples you and ryan are to the WHOLE family. We have become stronger through all of this. Dawson and Mallory are such blessings to us all. How is the Clint homestead? Fun I bet.
ps I have never seen anything as cute as Mallory with her purple bow.

Amy AKA "the Mama" said...

Hey Kayla,
Clints and Abby's is awesome! It is wonderful to be so close to the babies and at the same time spend time with all of Clint's fam. Lydia is a riot and gives me a ton to look forward to. Henry really is "Hank the Tank" he's so cute, and Jake loves to play with Clay all of the time! It's awesome!

You know, Ryan has taught me so much through this whole thing. In one of his previous posts he talked about Challenges and opportunities being the same. Although this is a challenge for us, it is even more of an opportunity to share this with everyone that we love, and together we all get to experience the blessings and growth that will come from it! These babies are such a blessing to our family and friends already! We are so glad that we get to share them with everyone else!!

Love, Amy

PS Mallory is so cute in her little bows. The nurses do such a good job of matching her bows to her bedding. Today I am going over to do their hair, they are looking a little ruffled.

dad sals said...

hey kids i am looking over these pictures getting alittle teared up i sure am glad the library is that spelled right is slow i reallt admire you three four five ryan you strengthen me i am mighty glad and thankfull amy has a goooooooood man love you guys when this is over i have some buffalo liver ill cook up for us all love you guys dad salisbury i dont understand this password thing maybe i will just call you